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NGXmusical have been proud to bring a great number of royalty free tracks for video game, film, television or simply enjoy the musical inspiration.

Please feel free to visit my musical work at


To download them, click on music and you will see all my work and you will see 3 arrow beside the mp3 blue light picture.To download click on the first arrow that points down for download and you'll be set.

Everything on this page is Free.I will never want to make any money whats so ever.There is no copyrighted because it comes from energy withing me and energy gave me this ability to express for free.
Why sell when it is given for free.
Any one can use them for any sort of things and you don`t even afto ask me for using them.Even thief's can steal them and sell them on there own.If we had nothing valuable like based on money but just free things, then how can thief's can steal or exist if nothing is valuable but only creation.No one can steal the power to our creation because it belongs not to you but the world of the energy of creation, which is everyone and also everything that exist since the beginning of all things.I was once a fish in the water waiting to be transfer to another physical form of life to become a better expressionism of creation.
All I want is to give inspiration for more creation for a better world for the future to come.

Think about the freedom of life.


I am also looking for work in for video games, film, television.

Available on request.


Contact E-mail: [email protected]

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