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"Online Presence: You can create your online presence with all information so that patient can easily find and book an appointment
Search Facility: Patient can find the doctors based on name, location, specialization easily so that doctors can be approached easily
Easy to Manage Appointment: Managing appoint is easy so no need to attend more phone calls
SMS Confirmation: Confirmation of appointment SMS will be sent to patient once approve scheduled appointment by you
Video Consultation: Simply schedule video consultation and interact with patient and feel like patient in your clinic
Suggest Services: Can suggest pharmacy stores or any laboratory tests to your patients
Refer another physician: refer your patients to another doctor and track status
Patient Tracking: Can easily accept, reject, reschedule appointment/s and track patient flow
Online Prescription: Can prescribe medicines through mPatientCare by using our drugs database containing around a bunch of drugs with details like generic & brand name, active ingredients, pharmacology, price, interactions and many more...
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